Rental Property Services

Rental Property Services, provides assistance not only for Letting Agents and Landlords, but for prospective Tenants also, offering guidance and support.

Services for Letting Agents and Landlords
Pafena provides essential services, directly aimed to assist Residential Letting Agents and Landlords, with the provision of inventories, mid-term inspections, check-in’s & check-out’s.

With regard to inventories, The Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) guide to deposit disputes, recommends Landlords should use a totally independent, third party to provide a detailed document at the start of the tenancy and also for any mid-term property inspections. Any amendments, additions, damages etc. should be annotated and photographed as necessary, with a new report produced if required.

Pafena advisors are APIP (Association of Professional Inventory Providers) certified, which is regulated by ARLA Propertymark. All inventories and reports are fully detailed and supported with date stamped images, we have found that in using our services at the start & end of tenancies, there are rarely any disputes between landlord and tenant.

If you would like further information, or would like to view a sample inventory please contact us using the email:  or by calling on 07939121785

Services for Tenants.

For the prospective Tenant, renting a property, especially for the first time, can be a very daunting process!

Pafena can provide the personal assistance, support and guidance, from the initial offer to rent a property, through to the day when you collect the keys and check-in to the newly rented property.

The services are shown below:

  • Liaise with the prospective tenant to produce a credible offer to rent.
  • Provide a written offer/proposal to rent a property & submitted to the Letting Agent/Landlord.
  • Oversee negotiations to acquire the rental property.
  • Liaise with all parties to produce the final Tenancy Agreement & confirm move in dates.
  • Conduct the check-in procedures on the move in day. Take meter readings, check through the Letting Agent/Landlords inventory to confirm accurate and note any damages, defects or deficiencies, taking date stamped images of any issues and to revert back to the Landlord.
  • If no inventory has been supplied by Letting Agent/Landlord, to produce a report of the condition of the property, noting any damages, defects or deficiencies, taking date stamped images of any issues, all of which can be produced as evidence on the final check-out.
  • Provide information/registering with utility services, internet providers, council tax, TV licencing etc.

If you would like further information, or would like to talk to a Pafena advisor, please contact us using the email: or by calling on 07939121785