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Relocation of company employee from Poland to Leeds

Date Posted: 10th September 2013

Pafena received an enquiry from a senior HR manager of Ecolab, a global company that specialise in the manufacture, sale and service of products used for cleaning and sanitisation in the water, energy, food & beverage, healthcare and hospitality markets. Their UK HQ is in the North West of England.

Initial meeting

After an initial consultation Pafena were asked to assist one of their new materials manager employees to relocate from Poland to work in the businesses head office in the outskirts of Leeds.

Pafena were briefed on the employees work offer and contract, available budgets for relocation as well as information on the businesses relocation processes.

Once the company had appointed Pafena, it was able to liaise directly with the new employee and discuss in detail their relocation requirements.

To assist with the relocation, Pafena provides a dedicated advisor to the project, to advise all parties during the process.

The Questionnaire/Full brief.

After an initial introduction, Pafena provided a detailed questionnaire to the new employee to confirm family numbers and requirements. The employee, his pregnant wife and young child had specific requirements for accommodation close to the workplace, with public transport, local shops and nursery facilities.

The Orientation

Pafena quickly organised an orientation visit for the client and escorted them around the city of Leeds, showing sample properties and helping the client to understand what types of property would be available within the budget. As part of the service Pafena were also able to register him with a local bank to allow a smooth transition when he started work.

The Home search (2nd visit)

Whilst the client returned to Poland, Pafena’s advisor provided links and relevant information to the client via email, enabling him and his family to create a shortlist of suitable properties to visit.

On the client’s return to the UK, Pafena were at hand to accompany the client to all of the properties and liaise directly with the letting agents to negotiate the right deal. Once a property had been selected, moving dates and furniture shipping dates were approved.

Initial problems with the chosen property were dealt with swiftly and efficiently by Pafena’s advisors to allow the family to move to their new accommodation and start work in the new location on time.

The Move in

On moving day, Pafena were available to assist with meeting the Landlord, check inventories and meter readings, allowing the client time to start at the new place for work.


After a month in the UK, the employees family arrived and were greeted by the Pafena advisor at their new home and were provided with a schedule of nursery visits, advice on utilities, council tax etc as well any additional support required to allow them to settle into the UK.

Mark McGuire, Senior HR Partner at Ecolab said: “Pafena provided a professional and reliable service to ensure that the employees needs were met in full”.